A depth and Artistry to it that is Increasingly Rare

“Working with Adam is a true pleasure. He is an intense, lateral thinker whose intelligence crackles around him like electricity. His work has a depth and artistry to it that is increasingly rare among strategists”

Creativity Determination Collaboration

“His creativity, determination, collaboration, and integrity make him an asset in any setting–startup to mature multinational. Perhaps his most valuable skill is distilling creative, consumer-led insights in a way that inspires innovation, strategy, and execution”

An Appetite for the Deep, Complex Work

“Adam’s a workhorse, with an appetite for the deep, complex work that blows normal folks circuits. He is the kind of strategist that, when confronted with a novel situation, is able to develop totally new tools and thinking to crack the problem and get to the quick of things.”

A Restless determination to get to the clearest Articulation

“Reflecting on my time working with Adam, the thread that was constant throughout was his desire to land on the deep human insight behind a problem and understand how an aspect of the product experience could be re-imagined to better address that need. He showed a restless determination to get to the clearest articulation of that human need before he was satisfied.”

For transformative brand strategies, Adam is the person to turn to.

“For transformative brand strategies, Adam is the person to turn to. He has a rare combination of cultural intelligence, dedication to research rigour and colourful charisma which he utilises to craft clear, compelling recommendations. These qualities also make him a joy to work with. Over the four years we collaborated together on projects, he never failed to leave a room much more energised and focused than he found it.”

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